The Defining Moment

 All of the accomplishments that I have made within my business has only been possible because of the amazing women that I continue to surround myself with.


While your friends and family are necessary for fun, support and encouragement, a board or Mastermind Group outside of your current business is critical to your success.


Within the mastermind group you will learn to:

-Organize Your Time For Optimal Production

-Increase Sales

-Discover Hidden Streams of Income Within Your Business

-Grow Your Following


You also will be able to:

-Network with hungry and like-minded individuals

-Learn from their successes and failures and be inspired by their accomplishments

-Be given feedback about ideas that you bring to the group

-Be allowed to vent your frustrations in a safe place and get emotional encouragement 

-Gain your first customers if you're just starting out.

-Be held accountable to set and reach goals that you set for yourself.


In addition to those perks, I will also provide you with

-1X1 Meetings and Phone calls to ensure you're on target.

-Discounted Rate on Event Space

-Business Tools and Resources


I'm not saying that this journey is going to be easy.


You're not going to feel like coming, doing the work, getting called out when you don't do what YOU said you were going to do.


You might not love making those payments that could be going towards your next round at happy hour, Papa John's Pizza, full set acrylics, fenty lip gloss or tickets to The Lion King.


But I guarantee you that by joining us in the BAD BOSS MASTERMIND, you will be transforming your life as well as the life of everyone around you.


Before you know it, people will be paying YOU to advertise their drinks, eat their pizza, get your nails done with them and wear their lip gloss.


Forget paying Rihanna, join the rest of the bad girls and you can BECOME RIHANNA!


Once you take the red pill and learn the truth about all of the money that is around you, you can never go back to your old way of thinking.


All you have to do is put in the work.

In addition, If you join the BAD BOSS MASTERMIND if you don't feel that you've gotten anything out of it within the first 30 days, I will give you a full refund, guaranteed.


This will be the last time that I make this type of offer so if you have any questions or concerns, please ask now!


The Bad Boss Mastermind will meet once per week at the same time and the same place, of which you have a say and when and where that is.

The last day to apply is October 4th 2019 by 11:59 pm and only five potential Bad Girls will be chosen so I encourage you to apply immediately.


This will be a great experience for everyone who joins and not to mention wildly beneficial to any project or goal.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain,

See you at the bank

Or will I?