"The Keep Lee Out of Magic City


"So what do you do?"


The man asked me as we both waited on our double shot espresso's. 


"I'm a writer," I proudly told him.


The man looked at me curiously, almost hopeful and smiled.


Then he grabbed his coffee, looked me dead in the eye and said:


"Well, I hope you have a backup plan." 




Writing is my passion. 


To me, it's the most natural thing in the world.


I have all these loopy thoughts where I'm constantly obsessing over

and analyzing the world around me.


Some of these thoughts are pretty clever and not to mention funny.


In my lifetime, I don't hope to be famous.


I don't want to drive a Ferrari.


I don't even need to get revenge on my ex for cheating on me with a girl who works at Waffle House.


Well, actually that's still on the list.


But what I truly want to do before and possibly even after I leave this Earth, is to help someone.


Maybe another young woman who is struggling emotionally, physically and financially.


Someone who's scared or confused and just needs a sprinkle of motivation to change her life.


If I can do that, I know my time here would be worth it.


So, If you enjoy my writing, or just want to see a young lady succeed, then please, donate a dolla, or a dousand, whatever's on your heart.


It would mean the world to both me and Capital One.


Thank you for all you do