Bae: The Three Types of Men and How to Love Them


Gifted with an incredible ability to predict the future, when most women meet a man, know that there is something not quite right about him. For the modern woman, however, trying to understand the opposite sex and his behavior has become a daunting task. She is unable to explain why he would say one thing, but do another; why he is so afraid of commitment; and why he cares so much about his job. He seems to have split personalities where he is extremely persistent before sex and distant afterwards. There are so many women who stay up late, unable to sleep while they wonder, “does he really love me, and if so, why won’t he change his ways?”


Within this book, I will introduce you to the three distinct personality types of a man. Each type exists in all of them; however, at any given time, he will be acting with a dominant personality, thinking with a secondary one, while the third remains in the background. The question for you to answer is not which type of man you have, but how does he appear to you?


Through my own successes and failures, I have found my calling to help women find the man of their dreams by deciphering the men who are nightmares. I’m not asking if you’re ready, I’m asking if you are willing to learn. Because if you are willing, then you are ready.