Hey Bad Girl, it's that time again!


With the incoming New Year, many of us have made health and wellness a priority. 

However, it's the same old story of us eagerly signing up for gym memberships in January, only to have completely fallen off the wagon after only a few weeks.

The problem isn't you Bad Girl, the problem is that you lack one thing...


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For the past few months, me and some amazing women that I have met online have made a commitment to fitness in a GROUP setting.

We check-in with each other daily and make sure that each other stays FOCUSED! 

When one falls off, someone else is there to motivate them to get back on track.

The results have been REMARKABLE.

All of the active participants are hitting their weight loss goals and

look and feel better then ever!

I want to challenge you all today to FINALLY get the body of your dreams by inviting you to take our BAD GIRL BODY CHALLENGE!

This 4-Week Challenge will inspire you to hit your weight loss targets with my personal favorite reward, CASH MONEY!

Leading academics have found that money enhances weight loss success, making dieters significantly MORE LIKELY TO LOSE WEIGHT!

So put your money where your muscle is and sign up today!

All you have to do is:

1. Sign up here and pay a one-time membership fee

2. Add me on Facebook Messenger

3. Send weight loss goals (must be at least 10 pounds) and a 'before' picture directly to me

 4.Do a weekly weigh in and send me your results



The challenge will last from January 6th to February 3rd and the winners will be announced by February 7th.


*The last day to sign up will be January 3rd at 11:59PM EST!

The jackpot amount will be based upon the number of participants

BUT I am

also in contact with multiple sponsors who may sweeten the pot event more :) and everyone who reaches their goal will all be able to split the amount.

Some other benefits of joining include:

  • Access to private Facebook group where we will share fitness tips, videos, recipes and more

  • Weekly Challenges to keep things fun and exciting

  • Daily Check-Ins to Keep You Motivated!

  • Networking opportunities with like minded individuals!

  • Prizes for top performers!

C'mon Bad Girls, what do you have to lose besides all of that unwanted weight?


 Time is running out so take a risk and...

Still not quite sure?

Keep reading to find out why Science says that these types of challenges lead to weight loss...

Long-Term Success!

A widely publicized 2013 study by Mayo Clinic revealed that a well-designed incentive program produces outstanding, long-term success.  The year-long Mayo study divided participants into two groups:  one group had an opportunity to win money for losing weight and one group did not.  Both groups were given extensive weight loss tips, reminders and web-based tools for weight loss.  

The results were conclusive.  The participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program and lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Researchers concluded that 62% of those in the incentivized group lost weight, compared to only a 26% success rate in the non-incentivized group.

Teamwork Makes Weight Loss More Fun & Successful

A Brown University study concluded that social networks and teamwork play a significant role in enhancing weight loss outcomes in weight loss interventions.

In particular, the researchers found that having more social contacts trying to lose weight is connected with greater weight loss intentions, and that changes in physical activity are similar among teammates in a team-based physical activity campaign.


Group support makes weight loss more fun and successful

Social dieting -- including elements like competition, team work & encouragement and, of course, gentle peer pressure is a powerful and exciting weight loss tool. A professor at Harvard Medical School)concluded that social networks are closely tied to obesity, and examined the reasons why social networks affect people’s weight, including that people “are influenced by the evident appearance and behaviors of those around them”

The researchers also concluded that “weight-loss interventions that provide peer support — that is, that modify the person’s social network — are more successful than those that do not. People are connected, and so their health is connected.”